Bay Area CIL accepts referrals from the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) to provide the following youth transition services:

The Five Pre-ETS Are:

1. Job Exploration Counseling – explore a student’s skills and interests and career opportunities.

This could be interest inventories, learning about the labor market or sessions about specific in-demand occupations.

2. Instruction in Self-Advocacy – learn strategies for effective communication of one’s interests, needs or desires as well as their rights and responsibilities.

This may include sessions with an instructor about knowing your rights, self- awareness, problem solving or effective communication. The Youth Leadership Forum is one example.

3. Counseling on Post-Secondary Education Opportunities – gain awareness of career pathway options and the variety of opportunities for post-secondary skill development.

You’ll learn what training options are available after high school, guidance on how to choose the right type for you, and how to access disability supports if needed.

4. Workplace Readiness Training – learn the knowledge, skills and abilities that make employees valuable in the workforce. Including: how to interact with peers and supervisors, importance of timeliness, and building an understanding of how we are perceived by others.

Like classes on how to interact with supervisors and coworkers, strategies to get to work on time, as well as appropriate dress and behavior on the job.


5. Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLE) – complete learning objectives through work opportunities and experiences outside of the traditional school setting.

For example, a work experience at a local, participating employer.


These Pre-ETS examples are just a few examples of options that may be right for you and available in your area. Specific services will vary based on your needs and the opportunities where you live.

Who qualifies for Pre-ETS?

Students who qualify for Pre-ETS:

  1. Are at least 14 years old and no more than 21
  2. Are in school or other approved educational program,
  3. And have a documented disability (i.e., are on an Individualized Education Program [IEP] or 504 plan, or have medical documentation of a disability).

If you would like more information about Bay Area CIL’s Pre-ETS services, please contact Fisher Jones, Director of Rehabilitation Services at (443) 260-0822 Ext. 2781.

To make a referral to DORS for services, please do so online at: